About renting in general

What is the best time to start with my search?
We advise you to start your search exactly 1 month before your preferred moving in date. In The Netherlands, tenants have to let their landlord know that they’re leaving only 1 month in advance. This means that if you start your search earlier, you won’t be seeing all accommodations that factually will be available. If you start your search later, then the top spots will be leased out again by the time that you commence with your seach. So timing is key!
Rental subsidy, simple explanation please!
Rental subsidy is the government’s way of making living in selfsupporting homes possible for people with a smaller budget. But since “free money” doesn’t exist, there are conditions. For the tenant: income not too high, not too much money in the bank, minimal age of 23, type of household matters for the amount. For the house itself: all facilitites must be private (shower, toilet, kitchen), rental price should not exceed a maximum.
How do I calculate rental subsidy?
The subsidy calculator from the governmental tax administration (Belastingdienst) can be found here. The information that you need from is the “calculation rental price”. If you drop us a quick e-mail with the reference number of the living accommodation (shown in each advertisement), then we will supply the numbers as soon as we can.
About gas, water, electricity and internet
Every tenant of a living accommodation is obligated to have a delivery-contract for gas, water and electricity. An internet contract is of course not obligated. It often happens that a landlord rents out a living accommodation with gas, water and/ or electricity included. But sometimes that’s not the case and the tenant should arrange it himself. Who’s responsible for the delivery contract is in your lease agreement. If the landlord rents out without gas, water and/ or electricity, then you have to arrange this. Living Maastricht can start up these delivery contracts for you. Wanna know more? Send us a quick e-mail.
Which taxes are relevant for a tenant?
Those are all the so-called user taxes. Taxes or levies that have to do with a service provided by the  municipality/ watership that you make use of. Most known ones: muncipality tax, garbage tax, sewage tax, dog tax, watership levie, water-cleaning levie.
Are taxes also included in the rent?
No, and that is actually close to impossible as the taxes are between you and the municipality/ watership. Taxes are not related to the building that you’re living in. Saying differently,  if you would be renting an apartment “3 houses to the right”, you would still be getting the same tax invoice.
I got a tax invoice. Can I ask for a deduction?
When your income is low and you don’t have much  money saved up, then you can get a discount. You can request a discount via the BsGW. Our office can assist you in this. More informaton? Just send us an e-mail. 

About renting via Living Maastricht

How do I arrange a viewing? And does it cost anything?
Within each advertisement you’ll find a blue button that says “viewing”. Click on it and you’ll be able to directly schedule your viewing. Viewings are free of charge and you don’t have to subscribe.
What are the income requirements to rent a place?
If a person wishes to rent a living accommodation, then Living Maastricht checks if this person is able to carry the rental price. We do this based on the guidelines of the National Institute of Budgetting (NIBUD). Subsidies or support that you get is taken into account. But there is no general rule of thumb like “income should be 3 times the rent”. 
Renting a home: step by step
Step 1: Viewing the living accommodation. If you wish of course. Step 2: Signing the acceptance form. This is a short sum up of your details, the details of the living accommodation and other important tenancy conditions. Step 3: Making an appointent for the handing over of the key. Step 4: Reading the final lease agreement, asking your questions and then the signing of the lease agreement. Step 5: the actual handover of the key. DID YOU KNOW… That after you signed the acceptance form, you can immediately get the keys already
What do I have to pay at the start of my rent?
If you would decide to rent via our office, there are 2 things that you have to pay: the first month’s rent (or a part of it if you would move in halfway through a month) and the security deposit.
Are there any (mediation)fees?
How much is the security deposit?
The security deposit is equal to 1 month of rent.
What is the minimal term that I have to rent?
The minimal lease terms are shown in each advertisement.

For tenants of Living Maastricht

I want to cancel my lease. How should I do that?
You can send in a written notification (with signature) to our office. We advise you to use our template. To get the template, just drop by our office or send us an e-mail.
Can I subrent my place?
Yes, but there are a few conditions: no commercial subrenting (short stay not allowed and the lease price must be reasonable), never longer than 7 months and you should have the intention to move back in after the subrent.
Moving out and furniture to sell. Can Living Maastricht help?
When you move out, Living Maastricht has to find a new tenant. We would be happy to bring you in contact with the new tenant, but we cannot promise that they will (part of) the furniture. That is fully up to them to decide. We can help by making people aware that you’re selling stuff. That works best if you leave a piece of paper with an overview of stuff to sell, which we show candidates during viewings. But we advise to sell you furniture online.

Technical problems

I lost my keys!
For the buildings that we manage, Living Maastricht always has a spare key. If you just locked yourself out you can come to our office to pick up the spare key. If you lost your key, a new key will be delivered to you. You have to pay the costs for the new key. The amount depends on the type of key (certified or not). Also you always have to report with the police.

About your security deposit

Who has my security deposit?
That is always the landlord. If you paid your security deposit to Living Maastricht, we forward your funds to him also.
Why is a security deposit necessary?
The security deposit is a deposit that helps cover the costs of any damages that you make. .
How is decided whether I get the security deposit back?
From a standard the landlord has to prove that you made damages. With Living Maastricht that happens in 2 steps. First an end-of-lease-report is created, together with you. That report tells  you whether there are any damages to start with. Then in the second step the landlord has to state which costs he wants to deduct, and why he considers you liable.

About taxes/ Levies (BsGW)

I just got a letter from BsGW. Who are those guys?
That could be true. BsGW sends out the invoices for all taxes/ levies that have to do with your living situation. They don’t invoice other taxes like for example income tax.
Why do I get an invoice?
“You are either getting the invoice because you are subscribed at the address the longest, or you are simply the only one subscribed.”
Isn't the landlord supposed to pay?
“It’s a question we often get, but most often the answer is no. The landlord also pays taxes, but different ones. You are getting the invoice for taxes that have to do with using your place, not owning it. You can also view it in another way: the invoices you get, you would also get if you would live in the house next door. The taxes are about you living as such, not living at a specific address.”
So I have to pay the invoice?
Normally yes, but sometimes you get the invoice by mistake or sometimes the invoice is based on incorrect data, making it too high.
What is there to check?
We advise you to check whether the household is stated correctly, and whether the timeframe that the invoice is for falls within your stay.
I have to pay for a term that I won't be here?
“BsGW invoices for a term in the future too. And yes, sometimes it can happen that you already know that you will have moved out by then. Sorry to say, but you still have to pay the invoice nonetheless.”
When do I not have to pay?
When you rent a non-selfsupporting living accommodation. Or said differently: when you rent a room instead of a studio/ apartment/ house.”
Can I get a deduction?
“Some people can claim a deduction, sometimes even up to 100%. You can request a deduction in the backoffice of the BsGW. For this you need DIGI-D. Our office can also assist you with this (paid service).”
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